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Welcome to the Jewish Studies Program


HALPERN AWARD:  PROPOSALS FOR 2015-2016 DUE March 4, 2015.

Click here for the call for proposals.

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Friday January 23, 2015, 12 noon-1 pm, 602 CL, Humanities Center

Brown Bag Lunch Colloquium

with Rachel Greenblatt (Harvard University/University of Connecticut)

“A Beautiful and Costly Procession":  Jewish Quest for Cultural Belonging in Frankfurt and Prague (c. 1680-1750)

co-sponsored by the Eighteenth-Century Studies Initiative


Friday February 6, 2015, 12 noon-1 pm, 2628 CL

Brown Bag Lunch Colloquium

with Judith Cohen (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Jewish Ghetto Photographers: A Different Lens on the Holocaust

co-sponsored by History of Art & Architecture               


Monday, March 2 2015, 4 pm-6 pm, 602 CL, Humanities Center


by Dorothy Kim (Vassar College)

The Music Libel Against the Jews & the Medieval Miracle of the Virgin

co-sponsored by Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Religious Studies, English, and Music

Tuesday, March 3,  4 pm-6 pm, PLACE TBA: 


by Dorothy Kim (Vassar College)

What does the Digital Humanities look like in Jewish Studies?               

Monday, April 13, 12 noon-1 pm, PLACE TBA

Brown Bag Lunch Colloquium

with Paul Nahme (Brown University)

The Formations of the Secular in Modern Jewish Thought 

Spring 2015 courses

Elementary Hebrew 2

Haya Feig

JS 0014

MTWThF 10-10:50 am (5 credits)

Intermediate Hebrew 4

Haya Feig

JS 0025

MWF  11-11:50 am

Biblical Hebrew

Haya Feig

JS 1065

TTh  11 am-12:15 (5 credits)

  •  e-mail for info on Hebrew courses and placement


Religions of the West

Timothy Langille

RELGST 0105/HIST 0125

MW 4:30-5:45 pm

Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Comparative

counts toward certificate as “Religious Studies course”

Israel in the Biblical Age

Timothy Langille

JS 1100/HIST 1765/RELGST 1100

TTh 11 am -12:15 pm

Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Regional

Jews and Judaism in the Medieval World

Adam Shear

JS 1220/HIST 1760/RELGST 1220

MWF 11-11:50 am

Gen-Ed: History

Politics in the Contemporary Middle East

Luke Peterson

JS 1383/HIST 1763

MW 3-4:15 pm

History and Memory in the Jewish Tradition

Timothy Langille

JS 1680/HIST 1163/RELGST 1680

TTh 4-5:15 pm

Gen-Ed: History

Urban Tourism: Israel as Case Study

Noam Shoval

URBNST 1005: Special Topics

TTh 4-5:15 pm

needs special permission from Urban Studies Program

may count toward certificate by petition


Amy Colin

GER 1528

TTh 11-12:15 pm

may count toward certificate by petition

Capstone Paper for Certificate

Timothy Langille

JS 1901 Independent Study

times TBA

Internships for Credit, Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, Directed Research

SEE for opportunities.

or  email: for more information about internships and research opportunities.

JS 1900, 1902,

1904, 1905

1-4 credits




DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HALPERN AWARD?  Since 2011, we have awarded $300-$1000 to Pitt undergraduates for study, research, internships related to Jewish Studies, inside or outside the United States. 

Click here for the call for proposals for Summer 2015 AND Academic year 2015-2016 projects.

  Click here for a list of grantees.