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The Jewish Studies Program does not offer an MA or PhD in Jewish studies. However, many opportunities for graduate study focused on Jewish history or culture exist at the University through the various graduate programs in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

In recent years, graduate students have written PhD dissertations dealing with Jewish issues in a number of departments across the School of Arts and Sciences, including history, English, and Hispanic languages and literature. Consult the faculty page for a list of faculty and their interests.

If your interests in graduate studies coincide with our faculty, please consult the faculty members' department pages for information about the graduate program in that department, admissions requirements, and funding.  Feel free to also get in touch with our faculty directly to discuss your interests. 

Recent Doctoral Recipients and their Dissertation Topics

I. Izzet Bahar, "Turkey and the Rescue of Jews during the Nazi Era: A Reappraisal of Two Cases; German-Jewish Scientists in Turkey and Turkish Jews in Occupied France." Cooperative Program in Religion, 2012.

placement:  Independent Scholar

Katherine Sorrels, “Austrian Jews and the Idea of Europe: Reformulating Multinationalism as a Response to the Disintegration of the Habsburg Empire, 1880-1939.” Department of History, 2009.

placement:  University of Cincinnati, Assistant Professor of History

Sandra Collins, “Weapons Upon Her Body: The Female Heroic in the Hebrew Bible.” Cooperative Program in Religion, 2009.

placement:  Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Associate Dean and Librarian

Alejandro Meter, “Recovered Narratives: Collective Memory in Contemporary Argentine Fiction.” Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, 2003.

placement: University of San Diego, Associate Professor of History

Brenda Toliver, “The Religious Acculturation of the Ethiopian Jew in Modern Israel: Case Study of a Spiritual Conflict.” Cooperative Program in Religion, 2003.

placement:  Pittsburgh Public Schools, High School Assistant Principal

Current Graduate Students

Dan Chyutin, Film Studies Program.

Alex Lefter, Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Rebecca Slavin, Cooperative Program in Religion.

Graduate Students:  If we have missed you and you would like to be listed here, please contact us.  We would be happy to add you to the list.