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University of Pittsburgh





Adam Shear (Associate Professor, Religious Studies): medieval and early modern Jewish history; history of the Jewish book; Zionism and Israel studies.

Undergraduate Coordinator/Certificate Advisor

*Benjamin Gordon (Perlow Lecturer, Religious Studies): classical Judaism.

Program Faculty

Jeff Aziz (Lecturer and Advisor, English): detective fiction, early modern England

Brock Bahler (Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies): Philosophy of Religion, Faith & Reason, Jewish Philosophy (e.g., Levinas, Maimonides)

Barbara Burstin (Lecturer, History): American Jewish history, Jews in Pittsburgh, US and the Holocaust.

*Laurie Cohen (Jewish Studies Bibliographer, Hillman Library): Judaica library resources, Yiddish literature.

Amy-Diana Colin (Associate Professor, German): Holocaust literature, Paul Celan, German-Jewish culture and literature.

*Haya Feig (Lecturer, Religious Studies): Hebrew language.

Lucy Fischer (Distinguished Professor, English/Film Studies): Jews and the American cinema.

Laura Gotkowitz (Associate Professor, History): Jews in Latin America

*Lina Insana (Associate Professor, French and Italian): Primo Levi, Holocaust literature, 20th-century Italy.

Hannah Johnson (Associate Professor, English): historiography of medieval Jewish-Christian relations.

*Rachel Kranson (Assistant Professor, Religious Studies): American Jewish history; modern and contemporary Judaism.

*Irina Livezeanu (Associate Professor, History): Jewish history in modern East-Central Europe.

Clark Muenzer (Associate Professor, German): post-Enlightenment German cultural history.

*Irina Reyn (Assistant Professor, English): creative writing, American Jewish literature.

Uma Satyavolu (Lecturer, English): detective fiction

*= Executive Committee, 2017-2018

Emeritus Affiliates

Seymour Drescher (University Professor Emeritus, History): modern Europe, antisemitism, history of slavery.

Bernard Goldstein (University Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies): history of science and mathematics, medieval Judaism.

Jonathan Harris (Professor Emeritus, Political Science) republics of the former Soviet Union.

Alexander Orbach (Associate Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies): modern Jewish history, Jews in Russia and the former Soviet Union, modern Israel.

Leonard Plotnicov (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology): ethnographic study of Jews in Pittsburgh.

Jerome L. Rosenberg: Professor emeritus of chemistry and biological sciences and dean emeritus.


Maureen Henderson, Administrative Officer; Budget

      2604 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-5990

TBD Events Coordinator

      401 Cathedral of Learning, 

TBD PR/Marketing Coordinator

      602 Cathedral of Learning, 

Jack Bils, Financial Administrator

     2632 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-5564

Briar Somerville, Course Scheduling and Academic Affairs

       454 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-6564

Nicky Acierno, Payroll Administrator                                                           917 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-9480

Past Directors of the Program

Bernard Goldstein, 1973-1991.
Jerome L. Rosenberg, 1991-1999.
Alexander Orbach, 1999-2010.

Recent Visitors

Luke Peterson, Visiting Professor of International Affairs, UCIS, 2014-2016.

Noam Shoval (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Visiting Professor, University Center for Social and Urban Research, 2014-2015.

Our faculty members come from several departments across the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Our staff is a team who work to support activities in the Department of Religious Studies, the Humanities Center, and 5 interdisciplinary Humanities /Social Science programs. In addition to Jewish Studies, our administrators also work with Cultural Studies, Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies, Film Studies, and Medieval & Renaissance Studies. With faculty also active in these departments and programs, our staff and faculty are part of a close-knit and highly interdisciplinary cluster of intellectual activity on the 4th, 6th, and 26th floors of the Cathedral of Learning, and across Schenley Plaza to Hillman Library and Posvar Hall.