The Jewish Studies Program offers many opportunities for undergraduate students at Pitt. For more information, contact Dr. Rachel Kranson, Program Director.  View our Facebook page or Twitter for announcements.

Learn Hebrew

Pitt offers five levels of Hebrew language courses. Learn how to read and write in Hebrew, be able to communicate with Israelis on a basic level, go on Birthrights and survive with Hebrew, and have fun!

Research and Internships

Earn academic credits while gaining skills in the "real world" and connect your studies to work experiences.


Jewish studies offers many courses each semester. Many are cross-listed with other departments and programs. Many of our courses fulfill general education requirements. 


The Jewish Studies Program is pleased to offer research and travel grants for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Graduate Students

The Jewish Studies Program does not offer an MA or PhD in Jewish studies. However, many opportunities for graduate study focused on Jewish history or culture exist at the University through the various graduate programs in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

Doctoral Dissertations

Find information on recent Jewish Studies doctoral recipients and their dissertation topics.