Jewish Studies Courses by Semester

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Jewish Studies Special Topics Mini Courses

The list below features Jewish Studies Special Topics Mini Courses that were offered in the past. For one credit, Special Topics Mini Courses teach about Jewish subjects related to current events or programming. These courses are open to students and the public. Please click on the course title to view course materials.

Memorials and the Future of the Holocaust (JS 1111)
November 2019
On the occasion of the Luigi Toscano exhibit “Lest We Forget,” this course featured lectures from art historians and Holocaust historians.

Antisemitism Then and Now: Perspectives After Tree of Life (JS 1649)
Spring 2019
Following the synagogue attack in 2018, this course presented lectures from a vast array of experts in antisemitism and related issues.


Jewish Studies Course Catalog

The list below represents the entire course catalog of undergraduate Jewish Studies courses. Not all courses are currently offered. 

  • JS 0013--Elementary Hebrew 1   
  • JS 0014--Elementary Hebrew 2 
  • JS 0025--Intermediate Hebrew 3 
  • JS 0026--Intermediate Hebrew 4 
  • JS 0037--Advanced Hebrew Composition and Conversation 
  • JS 0038--Advanced Hebrew Composition and Conversation 2 
  • JS 0045--Hebrew Bible 
  • JS 0055--Prophets 
  • JS 0067--Topics in Israelite Literature  
  • JS 0090--Mythology in the Ancient Near East. 
  • JS 0205--Introduction to Judaism 
  • JS 0215--Ethics in the Jewish Tradition 
  • JS 0225--Medieval Jewish History 
  • JS 0255--Modern Judaism 
  • JS 0265--Modern Jewish Thinkers 
  • JS 0283--U.S. and Holocaust 
  • JS 0285--Jewish and Black History 
  • JS 1065--Biblical Hebrew 
  • JS 1100--Israel in the Biblical Age 
  • JS 1110--Special Topics-Ancient 
  • JS 1160-- Jerusalem: History and Imagination 
  • JS 1210--Jews and Judaism in the Ancient World 
  • JS 1214--Rabbinic Texts and Traditions  
  • JS 1220--Jews and Judaism in the Medieval World
  • JS 1222--Jewish Mysticism 
  • JS 1225--Jewish Culture in Medieval Spain  
  • JS 1230--Ashkenazi Jewry; Medieval Period 
  • JS 1232--Modern Eastern European Jewry  
  • JS 1240--Sephardi Jewry; Medieval Period 
  • JS 1241--Gender and Jewish History
  • JS 1250--Jews and Judaism in the Modern World
  • JS 1252--Holocaust History and Memory
  • JS 1253--Introduction to Holocaust Literature  
  • JS 1254--After the Holocaust  
  • JS 1255--Holocaust in East European Film and Literature . 
  • JS 1256--Modern Israel and Palestine
  • JS 1257--Russian Jewry 
  • JS 1258--Soviet Jewry 
  • JS 1260--American Jewish Experience 
  • JS 1266--Israel: State & Society, 1948-2000 
  • JS 1270--Germany Today
  • JS 1274--Modern Jewish Writers 
  • JS 1290--Topics in Cinema  
  • JS 1295--Jews and the American Cinema 
  • JS 1383--Politics of the Contemporary Middle East. 
  • JS 1624--Women in Judaism  
  • JS 1640--Jews in the Islamic World  . 
  • JS 1644--Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Middle Ages: Connection and Conflict
  • JS 1646--Rabbinic Approaches to the Non-Jewish World. 
  • JS 1648--Gender and the Jewish Tradition  
  • JS 1650--Approaches to Anti-Semitism  
  • JS 1675--Reading the Hebrew Bible  . 
  • JS 1680--History and Memory in the Jewish Tradition
  • JS 1681-- Inventing Israel: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Post-Zionism 
  • JS 1800--Special Topics
  • JS 1900--Internship 
  • JS 1901--Independent Study 
  • JS 1902--Directed Study
  • JS 1903--Directed Research
  • JS 1904--Undergraduate Research Assistantship
  • JS 1905--Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship