Jewish Studies Courses

The list below represents undergraduate Jewish Studies courses that we offer on a regular basis.  Please check the catalogue to find out what we are offering this academic year.

JS 0013: Elementary Hebrew 1
JS 0014: Elementary Hebrew 2
JS 0025: Intermediate Hebrew 3
JS 0026: Intermediate Hebrew 4
JS 0037: Intermediate Hebrew 5
JS 0090: Mythology in the Ancient Near East
JS 0283: Us and the Holocaust
JS 0710: Sociology of Religion
JS 1048: The Holocaust in Context
JS 1065: Biblical Hebrew
JS 1100: Israel in the Biblical Age
JS 1102: The History of God
JS 1108: Comparative European History
JS 1160: Jerusalem: History and Imagination
JS 1170: Archeology of Israel-Palestine
JS 1240: Jews and the City
JS 1241: Gender and Jewish History
JS 1251: Holocaust History and Memory
JS 1253: Introduction to Holocaust Literature
JS 1256: Modern Israel and Palestine
JS 1259: Israeli Film and Television
JS 1260: American Jewish Experience
JS 1270: Germany Today
JS 1280: Modern and Contemporary Jewish Thought
JS 1475: Religious Diversity
JS 1649: Antisemitism Then and Now
JS 1652: Antisemitism, Race and Gender
JS 1681: Inventing Israel: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, and Post-Zionism
JS 1715: Feeding the Soul: Food, Gender, and Religion
JS 1762: The Guide to the Perplexed