Doctoral Dissertations

Rebecca Slavin-Phillips, “Tradition and Individualism in Suburbia: An Ethnographic Study of Orthodox Jewish Women,” Cooperative Program in Religion, 2016.
placement: Executive Director of Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel

I. Izzet Bahar, "Turkey and the Rescue of Jews during the Nazi Era: A Reappraisal of Two Cases; German-Jewish Scientists in Turkey and Turkish Jews in Occupied France." Cooperative Program in Religion, 2012.
placement:  Independent Scholar

Katherine Sorrels, “Austrian Jews and the Idea of Europe: Reformulating Multinationalism as a Response to the Disintegration of the Habsburg Empire, 1880-1939.” Department of History, 2009. 
placement:  University of Cincinnati, Assistant Professor of History

Sandra Collins, “Weapons Upon Her Body: The Female Heroic in the Hebrew Bible.” Cooperative Program in Religion, 2009. 
placement:  Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Associate Dean and Librarian

Alejandro Meter, “Recovered Narratives: Collective Memory in Contemporary Argentine Fiction.” Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, 2003. 
placement: University of San Diego, Associate Professor of History

Brenda Toliver, “The Religious Acculturation of the Ethiopian Jew in Modern Israel: Case Study of a Spiritual Conflict.” Cooperative Program in Religion, 2003.
placement:  Pittsburgh Public Schools, High School Assistant Principal