Hebrew Language

Hebrew is offered at the University of Pittsburgh through the Religious Studies Department as part of the Jewish Studies Program and certificate. It’s also recognized as a non-Western language for the Linguistics major.

What you can do by learning Hebrew:

  • Appreciate one of the oldest languages in the world
  • Communicate with Israelis
  • Prepare for a career in diplomacy, technology, business, and more
  • Discover the revival of Hebrew as a modern language
  • Pursue the study of religion
  • Watch amazing Israeli cinema
  • Have fun!

We offer 5 levels of Hebrew:

HEBREW 1 - You will learn the Alef-Beit, how to write from the right side, and you will acquire the basic language skills, so you can survive on your Taglit trip to Israel. Offered every fall. In the catalogue: HEBREW 0101 or JS0013

HEBREW 2 - Now that you know the Alef-Beit, and you have a large vocab, we will deepen your knowledge and use of the language and help you be creative with it. Offered every spring. In the catalogue: HEBREW 0102 or JS0014

HEBREW 3 - Using literature, newspaper and films you will deepen your language skills, and will be able to be creative with the language on social media. Offered every fall. In the catalogue: HEBREW 0103 or JS0025

HEBREW 4 - Here we deepen your knowledge and skills in Hebrew, read the newspaper, and discuss Israeli culture at an intermediate level. Offered every spring. In the catalogue: HEBREW 0104 or JS0026

HEBREW 5 - This is the advanced level, and you will learn how to use your knowledge of the language in the world of academia. You will read and write academic papers. Offered every fall. In the catalogue: HEBREW 0105 or JS0037

We also offer:


This course teaches the language of the ancient Hebrew in the Bible. The goal is for students to learn to read the original Hebrew Scriptures–decoding its vocabulary with minimal need for a dictionary. Students will develop their skills in reading, comprehension, writing in script, and composition in the Biblical language. In the catologue: Hebrew 1065 or JS1065


This class aims to show Israeli society through Israeli films. Students learn about different aspects of Israeli life and culture such as compulsory army service; the influence of war; the complexity of Jewish and non-Jewish elements in Israeli society; the role of women, sexuality and gender (including the LGBTQ+ community); and the secular and the Orthodox among Israeli Jews. Students choose to watch and discuss from among 40 films in different categories. All films are subtitled in English. In the catalogue: HEBREW 1259 or JS1259


Prepare for Hebrew 2 or for a trip to Israel. Build your knowledge of Hebrew reading and writing. Prior knowledge required. In the catalogue: HEBREW 2902 or JS1902


Students may undertake a variety of individual reading or research projects under the close supervision of a faculty member. Regular meetings are required. Permission of the Jewish Studies coordinator and the faculty member required. In the catalogue: HEBREW 2902 or JS1902