Independent and Experiential Learning

Certificate Capstone

Your own project from one of the following: 

  • JS 1900 Internship
  • JS 1903 Directed Research
  • JS 1904 Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship
  • JS 1905 Undergraduate Research Assistantship
  • advanced work in Hebrew at Hebrew 5 or beyond 
  • submission of a capstone research paper on a JS topic written for a major or another certificate AND 3 credits of a JS course at the 1000-level 

 &  JS 1901 Independent Study

  • 1 credit of JS 1901 Independent Study taken in final semester of work for certificate (can be concurrent with capstone) in which student develops reflective essay and portfolio of work in Jewish Studies under direction of Undergraduate Advisor. 

Internships, Directed Research, UTA, and URA can also be done by non-certificate students!

How to Find an Internship

The Jewish Studies Program strongly encourages students to add experiential learning to their undergraduate education.

Check the website, the blog, and the Facebook page for information about currently available internships in the community, faculty research projects looking for research assitance, and courses in which UTA positions are available.  Students can also set up meetings with the JS Director or JS Undergraduate Advisor who can help match students with internships and other oppportunitines.  Students can also ask faculty in courses you have taken about the possibility of becoming a UTA.